A man is definitely known by the company he keeps and he definitely wants his friends to be around after he gets married too, but, celebrating a bachelor or stag party with best buddies is something any groom to be would look forward to. You can come up with umpteen bachelor party ideas in Goa but the most exciting of them all will be hiring party boats.

Our bachelor party cruises in Goa stand apart because we know how men like to have fun. We have boats with different capacities that can accommodate up to 400 guests. You can decide to hire the boat from few hours or for a day. We know the right way to add zing to your cruises. It’s no more about just dancing, downing drinks or lounging; we know that you need more to give you an adrenalin spike. You and your friends can be part of fun and adventurous games, sightseeing, relishing on delectable food and learning more about the local culture. You may also choose to halt at places and photograph to capture your memories as you instagram it.

The balmy wind, the turquoise blue waters, the vast stretch of coconuts swaying, the settlements on the shores, the sea gulls taking off – make a pretty sight that gives you immense pleasure. You can also BBQ onboard as you drink.

If you prefer a night cruise, you can combine a VIP night club dinner or a casino party along with it. We can suggest more boat party cruise ideas keeping your interests in mind. We provide food onboard and you can let us know about your specific requests. You are also allowed to bring food from outside.



Still stumped?  Well that’s okay, we have  array of bachelor party ideas to kickstart an amazing bachelor party experience in Goa, we’ve also got years of experience building bachelor party from the ground up. By heading over to our enquiry form you can give us a vague idea what you’re after and our expert party planners will get to work building a bachelor party experience that suits your style.

So whatever you do, don’t worry, because The Boat Party Goa Team have got your back.



  • Book the bachelor party activities early.
  • Don’t wait for staggers to confirm.
  • Get the key close friends members to agree on a budget.
  • Get them to fix the budget, the earlier the better.
  • Beware of crap activities. There are loads of grim suppliers just waiting to rip you off.
  • Using a best agent will take the stress out. It will also eliminate the gamble of trying to find the best activities.
  • Some of the clubs/ public love stags. Some don’t….. Behave accordingly.
  • This bachelor party is your right as a red blooded male; you have a grand tradition to up hold. Don’t waste it!


So, if you are ready to book your Bachelor Party Cruise in Goa, or if you have any special requirements or questions for us about Bachelor Party boat hire, please call us on +91- 8943859487 or email

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