Dolphin spotting in Goa is one of the most entertaining activities that the tourists indulged in.  Apart from the regular cruising, sunbathing and guzzling down cans of beer, if u want to do something unique in Goa, then watch a Dolphin in action. To watch these beauties leap and somersault is a treat to the eyes and bring out the child in everyone.

Enjoy the thrill of seeing the dolphins flipping, frolicking and doing acrobatics. Dolphin trips in Goa can be arranged from May to October and we do private trips for our clients. As we know, Dolphins are the most intelligent and playful mammals. We are sure that you will be in awe when their aqua-dynamic bodies swirl and twirl and they will leave you asking for more. Do not forget to carry your camera or camera phones to catch them in action.

So, if you are ready to book your Dolphin Spotting Cruises in Goa, or if you have any special requirements or questions for us about our Dolphin Spotting boat hire, please call us on +91- 8943859487 or email

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