Goa being a coastal place, fishing is one of the important activities in the state. Fishing is not just a commercial activity but a recreational one too. Tourists flock to cast net or fishing lines to catch fish. Traditional fishing has become more organized and has shaped into one of the popular and best watersports in Goa called trawling. Trawling is mass fishing that involves pulling fishing net through the water behind one or more boats. The net that is used for trawling is called a trawl and they are attached to boats called trawlers.

Trawling is great fun and adventurous. Our boats take the tourists deep into the waters; nets are cast and tourists wait patiently for the catch. Our professionals will guide you throughout the process be it handling the trawler boat, using the fishing equipment, the spot where you can catch exotic fishes or the preparations to be done leading to the activity. We also ensure the activity is safe at whatever time of the day. Goa is famous for exotic breed of fishes – snapper, barramundi, threadfin salmon, reef cod etc., which are now a catch away.

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