For most of the people, Goa is a high-energy party zone. But going on a backwater cruise in Goa is one of the most interesting things you can do on a holiday. This is a relaxing activity which completely rejuvenates and soothes you. As you cruise along, beautiful scenery unfolds before your eyes and fills you with a sense of calmness and peace.

The lush greenery and the mangrove-lined banks are truly a visual treat not to be missed on your Mandovi-river cruise in Goa. The boat in which you take up the cruise is done up beautifully to enhance your experience. Wooden flooring, plush furniture and elegant interiors complement the mood of the cruise. While you sail between the Chorao and Divar islands and take in the natural beauty, you can feast on some of authentic Goan delicacies and traditional drinks.

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